The official game play walk trough video sims 4 


For everybody who loves it. Good for you!

But I am sorry to say I am not one of them. I hope that there will be a normal looking world in the future, where I don’t feel like my sims are walking in happy candy land and can die from laughing. 

Plus the loading seems quick but it felt to long already. And how long will that loading be with every expansion pack after the base game?

I like zooming in on random sims in the park or a community lot and then quickly skip back to the house I am playing. I feel like it stole my freedom ingame. Not only with the world but with CAS too.

I am not saying I am never going to buy it but for now its a No.




This is the lighning I’ve created for Sa Pineda. It consists of:

  • Sunny blue skies
  • White clouds when the weather is set to “Partly Cloudy”
  • A more saturated sea color
  • Pink and orange sunsets

It also includes Gelina’s lightning tweaks.


The .rar file includes a lightning mod and the INI files alone. Feel free to use it for whatever you want :) Enjoy!

Thank you so much! its beautiful :)

I had to type: .package after the lighting mod for it to work. Don’t know if it was just me, but telling just to be sure. 

You are right, I’m so sorry. That happens to me for doing things quickly. I have replaced the download link, everything should be fine now. Thanks for telling me :)

Everyone who had downloaded it, please download the new version. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Don’t worry about it. I am just glad you made the mod. I love it. Can’t thank you enough :)

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I am always saying this, but here we go.

Thinking about writing a sims “3” story again. 

Downloaded some guard dogs. I just want to cuddle. So cute!

My new favorite couple.

testing different lighting in Midnight Hollow.

Cape Garner Islands