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» A message from gizardry:

Do you know if Duchysims' New Moonlight Falls is still available anywhere? I want to play Grey's Harbor but that required download seems to have been taken down ):


Unfortunately she seems to delete her Tumblrs every few months.  She generally comes back again later and I have to update my links again.  Until that time, I apologize but there isn’t anything I can do once she’s taken her downloads down.  :(  Sorry about that.


I think I can help you with that. I have bad luck with tumblr :( 

My tumblr is on and off but my mediafire links still excist. I never change those or take them down. I only updated this world a year ago, so maybe you all have the link of the version before?

But here is the right one:) 


ps: this tumblr won’t live long. I will also put the link on my blogger. Here is the link. http://dutchysim.blogspot.com/